Pamban Swamigal Temple

In the year 1848 a child was born to a Saivite family in Rameswaram district village called Pamban. The child was named Appavu but later became known as Pamban Swami as he had lived and left his family at Pamban Island. A psychic predicted that Appavu would be great man of words and wisdom. In his school days, Appavu was very good in his studies and other activities and ranked high in Tamil and English. More >>

About Temples in South India

Land of Temples. Nearly 30000 ancient temples - many at least 600 to 1000 years old, built all over the land. Studded with beautifull architecture, variety of sculptures, & rich inscriptions - capture the very essence of the culture & heritage of southindia .

Murugan Temple - Palani

It is the adobe were lord Murga resides(It is the third Padaiveedu).It is set over the hill of palani.As per the historical records the main Deity Arulmigu Palaniandavar idol is consisted of Navapashanam, ie a combination of 9 poisonous herbals mixed in a proportion to give a high medicinal power to cure the diseases of immunity and it was designed and made up by a siddar named Bohar.

Meenakshi Temple - Madurai

Meenakshi koil is one of the largest temples in India, from the rambling maze-like palace the Goddess Meenakshi presides over the historical town of Madurai. It is the nucleus of the temple with architechural exellence that attracts all the tourist , the story and its faith is that the temple signifies.

Srivaikuntam - Tirunelveli

Srivaikuntarn is in the Tirunelveli District. Because of this temple this place has become a famous place of pilgrimage. Once an Asura named Somuka snatched all the four Vedas from Lord Brahma. So, Brahma came to the earth and began to search for a suitable place to perform, penance so that he could get back the Vedas with the help of Lord Vishnu. At last he selected Srivaikuntharn and commenced the austerities. Lord Vishnu who was pleased with them fought the Asura and defeated him. Brahma got back his Vedas. Immediately Lord Vishnu went into, the earth. Through a hole running from the surface of the earth, the milk that cows yielded daily flowed to Lord Vishnu. Thus the abhisheka with milk was done to Him daily.

Nagore Dargah - Nagore

The Nagore Dargah shrines are situated at three locations, Nagore, Vanjur and Silladi. The main campus is at Nagore, spread over an area of about five acres, which is enclosed by compound wall, with four impressive entrances, one each on the north, south, east and west.

Shrine Velankanni - Velankanni

The shrine is dedicated to Our Lady of Health, the Madonna of Velankanni and is popularly known as 'Sacred Arogya Matha Church'. Virgin Mary is believed to have miraculous healing powers. In 1560, Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to a shepherd, asking him for milk to quench the thirst of baby Jesus. When the shepherd returned to his master, after performing the good deed, his pitcher kept filling up with milk. Consequently, a small thatched chapel was built at the site. At the end of the 16th century, Virgin Mary appeared again in front of a lame boy, who regained the use of his limbs. The actual church was constructed after the incident.

Nataraja Temple - Chidambaram

The famous Nataraja temple is situated at Chidambaram. In this temple, Siva is seen in the dancing posture of Ananda Tandavam.In the 10th century, the Chola king Parantaka I made rich endowments to the temple, besides providing a golden roof to the Karuvarai. The Cholas, who were devout Saivites made improvements to the temple maintaining its glory. The north Gopuram was built by Krishnadeva Raya and the east Gopuram was built by Sundra Pandyan.

Uchi Pillayar Temple - Tiruchi

The rockfort temple is a famous temple. It is built out of rocks by the chola kings. The pallava kings (Mahendra varman especially) added new sculptures to the areas in and around the temple. There will be a rock cut cave near the temple, that was created by the pallavas. There are two temples - Uchi pillayar temple and Thaayumaanava swami temple.

Balaji Temple - Tirumala

The ancient and sacred temple of Sri Venkateswara is located on the seventh peak, Venkatachala (Venkata Hill) of the Tirupati Hill, and lies on the southern banks of Sri Swami Pushkarini.It is by the Lord's presidency over Venkatachala, that He has received the appellation, Venkateswara (Lord of the Venkata Hill). He is also called the Lord of the Seven Hills.

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